Month: May 2016

Wine spritz – a sin or not?

Almost all winemakers claim, that dilution wine with water is a reprehensible spoilage of the wine. In the Middle Ages dishonest innkeeper could even fail his throat for diluting wine with water. So lets go back to history of wine spritz. …

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Designérská vína – WTF?

Moc se o tom u nás nemluví. Nicméně již od roku 2007 máme možnost v našich supermarketech zakoupit tzv. „designérská vína“.  Že nevíte, o co jde? No, možná buďte rádi, protože po přečtení následujícího textu asi zažijete menší ŠOK. …

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How to store opened wine?

“It could never happen to me”, is what most of us might think. But imagine the following situation. You are having a nice evening with your family, drinking excellent wine, but out of nowhere, your mother-in-law or some other uninvited visitor is ringing the door …

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