What is your Vinotype?

Have you ever heard that researches had categorized people acoording to their perceptions about wine? Me neither. Fortunately I have visited my Wine English and discovered Tim Hanni and his book – Why You Like the Wines You Like – Changing the Way the World Thinks about Wine.

Someone likes sweet wine, while another wine with high amount of tannis. Have you ever wondered why? Tim goes on to explain how each of us has our own unique hardware and software for tasting wine.

The hardware is our sensory organs, especially our taste buds on the tongue. They help us to recognize saltiness, bitterness, acidity and sweetness. And some people have only 500 taste buds while the others  can have more than 11 000. The more of them , the more sensitive is that particular person.

The software means our wine experience – education, influences from society and fashion. You evaluate wine in different way if you only drink it occasionally or if you for example work in wine bar.

You can fill in the short questionaire here www.timhanni.com and find out what is your Vinotype.

Tim distinguishs 4 Vinotypes.

The Sweet Vinotype

These people are the most sensitive, they also have the biggest amount of taste buds. They prefer sweetiness in wine to mask alcohol and bitterness.

The Hypersensitive Vinotype

People of this Vinotype do not like very pronounced flavours. They are still very sensitive. They prefer semidry or semisweet white wines and softer fruit-driven red wines.

The Sensitive Vinotype

These people are very flexible and prefer wide range of flavours. They like experiments with wine. This group prefers smooth and complex wines.

The Tolerant Vinotype

More is better for them. They love big extracted red wines with high alcohol and lots of oak.

I filled in the quiz and I am the Sensitive Vinotype and it really describes my attitude to wine. So I am interested what si you Vinotype.

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