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Sugar content in wines – how does it work?

Grape harvesting has just finished. Maybe you could see on Facebook of some wineries “strange thermometer” showing the value around 20°. And the more experienced wine lovers suspect that it is a standardized mustmeter, which is used for determination of the amount of natural sugar …

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What is your Vinotype?

Have you ever heard that researches had categorized people acoording to their perceptions about wine? Me neither. Fortunately I have visited my Wine English and discovered Tim Hanni and his book – Why You Like the Wines You Like – Changing the Way the World …

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Fresh summer wine cocktails

Hurray, finally the summer is here! The temperatures are around 30 celsius degrees and each of us has his or her own way of refreshment. Someone (including me) prefers swimming, someone rather stays at home with running air conditioning and does not go outside at …

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