Wine regions of the Czech Republic


When you are buing wine from our country, it is usually produced in Moravia wine region. But maybe you do not know, that we have also Bohemia wine region. Come with me on a short trip around wine regions of the Czech Republic and maybe next time in wine shop, you will be smarter.

Bohemia wine region

The vineyards of this region belong to the northernmost wine-growing areas in Europe.  The area is not continuous, but consists of various convenient locations bordering the protected southern slopes at lower altitudes, mostly spread along rivers Vltava, Labe, Berounka and Ohře. Together it is only 650 ha of vineyards.

Mělník wine subregion

It is located around the town Mělník. The soils are light and more suitable for red wine producing. It was already well known in the Middle ages and that is why the king Charles IV from Lucemburg brought Pinot Noir from France and started with growing it there. So if you buy Pinot Noire from Mělník wine region, you cannot go wrong.

Litoměřice wine subregion

On the other hand this subregion is better known for its white wines. The diurnal differences in temperatures help to develop wines with interesting aroma and balanced complex flavor. Our tip – Riesling from Žernoseky.


Moravia wine region

This region is much bigger – 16 500 ha of vineyards. It is characterized by continental climate, again with big diurnal differences in temperatures during grape ripening which is more suitable for white varieties. This region consists of 4 subregions.

Znojmo wine subregion

The climate is influenced by winds and rain shadow of Českomoravské vrchovina. Together with rocky, poor soils it brings excellent conditions for growing aromatic white varieties such as Grünner Veltliner, Sauvignon and Riesling. One of the best known Moravian vineyards – Šobes is located here, above the Dyje river. Sauvignon from Znojmo is really worth it.

Mikulov wine subregion

The characteristics dominante of this subregion is the limestone massif of Pálava. Thanks to lime soils and special climate influenced by big lakes under Pálava the wines from this subregion are very specific with strong terroir. The main variety is Welsch Riesling with typical minerality. Do not forget to visit UNESCO protected locality – Lednicko – Valtický area with beautiful landscape when planning the trip to this subregion. Our tip – stylish winery Pod Zámkem Valtice.

Velké Pavlovice wine subregion

The only one Moravian subregion which is known for its red wines. The soils with higher content of magnesium and hot winds create optimal conditions for growing them. Try for example Blau Fränkisch or Cabernet Sauvignon from this subregion.  Take a bike with you to this subregion – very nice tracks.

Slovácko wine subregion

It is located mainly around the river Morava, but the soil and climate conditions are very various which allows a wide range of growing varieties. The wines from this region are aromatic with balanced ratio of sugar and acidity. Special wine is Bzenecká lipka – cuveé of Rieslings growing around the town Bzenec.

I hope, this article was beneficial and helps you to better understanding of our wines.