about me

A true story – how beavers taught me to talk about wine in English

Originally I was a scientist specializing in research of beavers (yes, the animals with the flat tails, who build dams and chew tree trunks). We studied beavers in a picturesque Moravian town called Lanžhot. It lasted a few years and besides the creatures we also thoroughly studied local wine cellars (a lot of them).

One of our fellow beaver enthusiasts was an Englishman who put me in charge of translating often quirky legends of jovial Moravian winemakers. Thus began my career in wine.

Later, I became involved in marketing for Zámecké vinařství Bzenec and trained to become a sommelier.

I principally realized that after each bottle of wine, there is a hidden effort, love and endeavor of wine maker at his best.This is how my love of wine was born. I learned the secrets wine makers and became eager to pass it on to wine lovers. I like to think the student became the master.

I now write articles about wine and blog on eDegustace.tv. From time to time you can also see me as a moderator in online wine tastings. Here I found my forte. Apart from wine I also like English, so I decided to pass on the secrets of the Moravian winemakers to all people who love wine, but do not understand Moravian, which is not exactly Czech.

If you want to know more, please look in to our info about Wine tastings in English.